Democratic comms strategist and consultant Tracy Self recently went skydiving. And she survived!

Or at least she thought she did. Once she was safely back on the ground, she realized just how much danger she’d actually put herself in.

Unfortunately, she deleted her initial reaction to what had happened to her, but luckily, some intrepid folks managed to grab screenshots before it disappeared completely:

That guy had an “Arrest Fauci” sticker on his helmet? From InfoWars?

Tracy really dodged a bullet, didn’t she? And she definitely did the right thing by crapping all over the guy who had ensured that she made it from plane to ground safely and in one piece.

Anyway, even though her original tweet is gone, there’s something Tracy Sefl does want you to remember:

“Be kind.”*

*Some restrictions do apply

Well, no. Not those people, obviously. Because screw those people.

She can’t do better. Clearly.

We imagine she can still do worse, though.

Practice what you preach, Tracy.