We’re closing in on the end of Year 2 of the COVID19 pandemic. How’s America doing?

Not great, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins:

October’s only just begun, and already more Americans have died from COVID19 this year than all of last year?

What’s (D)ifferent about this year?

That’s how it’s supposed to work, at least. Isn’t it?

Joe Biden actually promised more than once that he was going to “shut down the virus.”

Now, here we are. The virus is still out there and evidently killing more people than ever. On Joe Biden’s watch, no less.

And that’s really interesting, isn’t it? Last year, they blamed Donald Trump for every single COVID19 death while simultaneously sowing doubt about the safety and efficacy of COVID19 vaccines. Now, Joe Biden is president, and COVID19 deaths aren’t his fault, but the fault of people who haven’t gotten a vaccine prominent Democrats told people not to get. Oh, and of course Ron DeSantis is to blame, too, because Republican.

No, it certainly didn’t. Democrats like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their media cronies and apologists could’ve chosen to put the public’s welfare above their own selfish political goals, but they didn’t do that. They wanted to weaponize COVID19, and they’ve succeeded.