Earlier this week, David Frum called out Nikki Haley for “trying to walk a line that can’t be walked” with regard to COVID19 vaccine mandates:

Not really sure how Nikki Haley failed to walk that line …

Makes sense to us, too. But then, we’re not “systemic issues” expert and Gender Justice advocacy director Erin Maye Quade, who clearly understands something we don’t:

Until this very moment, we had no idea that things had gotten so bad that people are just walking around killing other people.

In case we hadn’t already made it clear around here, vaccines are good. Great, in fact. A blessing. And if you’re interested in getting one and able to get one, take advantage of the opportunity to get one.

And, well, if you don’t want to get one … you shouldn’t be forced to. And it’s actually quite gross for someone to suggest that you’re just walking around murdering people.

How many people has Erin Maye Quade killed, we wonder?

Excellent question.

One would think.