According to Joe Biden, angry illegal immigration activists following Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema into a public restroom, harassing her, and recording her without her consent is just “a part of the process.”

That’s good news for Sophia Marjanovic, who doesn’t have much reason to be concerned about consequences now that the president himself has effectively signed off on this:

Sophia definitely sounds like someone we should listen to and not at all like an unhinged, attention-seeking troll.

We get the feeling that Sophia’s not so much concerned about indigenous people as she is about making a name for herself.

They’re words, all right. So that’s something.

But none of them justify harassing Sen. Sinema.

That’s a really interesting point.

Sophia definitely sounds like she’s on something.



‘This is wholly inappropriate’: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema issues statement slamming activists who harassed her and students in ASU bathroom