A couple of days ago, Robert Reich voiced his frustration that two senators can single handedly block progress on a slew of policies supported by the vast majority, i.e. 48 out of 100 senators.

Fellow unhinged socialist Bernie Sanders took his outrage even further today, complaining that the will of a minority of legislators in both houses of Congress isn’t being respected by the majority.

With thought leaders like Robert Reich and Bernie Sanders spouting this ridiculous talking point, is it any wonder that it’s catching on in the media?

Here’s MSNBC’s Ari Melber with a white-hot take of his own:

If we were Ari Melber, we wouldn’t be promoting our own ignorance as to how things work. But then, we’re not Ari Melber.

Not only are 52 senators out of 100 not in the minority, but every state has the same number of senators regardless of population. Yes, even West Virginia and Arizona.

And Vermont! Practically nobody lives there, yet Bernie Sanders continues to have a job and a voice and platform. How fair is that, Ari?

Not so curious if you consider where the media get their talking points from.

Reminder: these are not serious people we’re dealing with.