Remember a few weeks back when Secretary of State Antony Blinken tried to memory-hole a tweet that said “we stand with the people of Hong Kong”?

He replaced that one with something decidedly less offensive to the ChiComs’ delicate sensibilities:

Well, today, Blinken doesn’t have to delete any tweets that rub China the wrong way. Because he’s more than happy to rub them the way they want to be rubbed:

We seek to work cooperatively with the Chinese government? The people who unleashed COVID19 on the rest of the world? The people who pose an existential threat to Hong Kong and Taiwan? The serial violators of basic human rights who currently run concentration camps for Uighur Muslims?

And before any Blinken defenders suggest that he’s only following in his predecessor Mike Pompeo’s footsteps:

That difference is all the difference in the world.


It wasn’t good when Hillary Clinton did it:

It wasn’t good when John Kerry did it:

And it sure as hell isn’t good now that Antony Blinken is doing it.

The whole damn Biden administration is an embarrassment.