You know, we’re starting to get the feeling that the Taliban’s plans for Afghanistan won’t work out so well for the Afghanis.

Given what they did the last time they were in charge of the country, we’re not really sure why anyone would expect this go-round to work out better.

Needless to say, this go-round does not appear to be working out any better:

But … but …

So were we.

Raise your hand if you’re shocked by this development. We’ll wait.

Mission accomplished, Mr. President.

Great work all around.

Their business is maiming and executing innocent people, and business is good.

Hard to see it any other way, honestly. This was the inevitable result of the worst possible withdrawal strategy. No way the Biden administration didn’t anticipate this.

That’s our POTUS!

Worth a shot. Can’t get any worse at this point, right?

Anyway, in the interest of optimism, here’s the silver lining in all this:

Thank goodness for small favors.