David Frum isn’t good at much, but when it comes to finding new ways to be terrible, he leaves most of his competition in the dust.

Earlier this week, Frum attempted to make the case for making COVID19 vaccinations “a requirement for school, sports leagues, etc.” — including for 5 to 11 year olds:

And if there’s one thing David Frum loves, it’s a good stigma. That’s why he’s making such sweeping generalizations about Republicans, particularly Trump supporters:

This is like trying to convince someone who’s still hesitant about the COVID19 vaccine to get the vaccine by telling them they’re ignorant and stupid and anti-science and stupid. We have no doubt that the most effective way to persuade Republicans and Trump supporters that they’re wrong is to call them old, fat, and unhealthy and suggest that they’re sexually attracted to Donald Trump.

Of course Tom Nichols is all about that:

Says the expert on being pasty and shirtless. An endorsement from Tom Nichols is nothing to be proud of.

Never fails!

David Frum is a living caricature. Just the epitome of the smug, elitist liberal. And he doesn’t see anything remotely wrong with that.

The worst, Jerry. The worst.