The children must be protected. They must wear masks on airplanes! Their classrooms must be disinfected!

We can’t allow for even a slim possibility that the children will be exposed to COVID19.

Also, professional basketball players will reportedly be able to regularly come into close contact with one another and not have to take any precautions when the NBA season begins:

Allowing for some exceptions, of course, children are the least vulnerable to COVID19. Yet they’re being treated as though they’re superspreaders. Meanwhile, NBA players, as members of the adult population, are more likely to contract serious cases of COVID19, yet there will apparently be no vaccine requirements. And they certainly can’t wear masks while they’re playing!

So what gives?

The optics aren’t great. Even if most of the players are already vaccinated, shouldn’t they have to abide by the rules the rest of us — including the vaccinated — are expected to abide by?