We know it’s been several days since the viral Oklahoma-ivermectin story promoted by the likes of Rolling Stone and Rachel Maddow was revealed to be completely bogus, but we’re still pretty pissed that it was ever a story in the first place. It didn’t make any sense on its face, and if the so-called “journalists” who pushed it had bothered to look into it at all, they would’ve found that it didn’t hold up under even basic scrutiny, either.

But sometimes a narrative is just too good to check, and journalists just didn’t feel like checking this one. Well, most of them didn’t. There have been a handful of exceptions.

One of those exceptions is Zaid Jilani. Jilani, despite being a liberal, has been admirably consistent in calling out liberal media malpractice (and progressive malpractice in general). And he’s done that with the Oklahoma-ivermectin story as well:

It seems that most of those institutions have made their choice. And they have chosen poorly.

Not only has Jilani skewered the pathetic excuse for “journalism” that led to the Oklahoma-ivermectin story’s unwarranted and shameful ubiquity, but he’s demonstrated how the story should have been approached from the very beginning.

You love to see it. If only the MSM loved to see it, too.



Liberal reporter Zaid Jilani calls out the media for ‘screwing up the reporting around Ma’Khia Bryant’