Because the Taliban are civilized people who can be reasoned with, they’re torturing and beating journalists:

That photo is incredibly disturbing, not to mention heartbreaking. But, as Glenn Greenwald points out, it’s got nothing on the torture and beatings endured by CNN firefighter Jim Acosta:

We’re not sure how Jim Acosta entered the most Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America and survived to emerge on the other side.

Jim Acosta is a national treasure. A national treasure, dammit!

Too much courage to fit in a single diary. Jim may have to write a whole ‘nother book in order to cover it.

Anyway, while Jim Acosta’s too busy and important to acknowledge the mistakes he’s made in his career, Greenwald’s not too proud to admit to his own:

Please accept his apology, @JimAcosta. And ours. It really can’t be easy to walk around with that name these days.