With Texas’ heartbeat law in effect, some women and menstruating people are apparently so desperate that they may be left with no other choice than to bury their babies in shallow graves.

At least according to Texas’ own Andrea Grimes, “an activist journalist who specializes in reporting on reproductive justice.”

When Grimes learned law enforcement officials were looking for the mother of an infant who’d been found in a shallow grave in Travis County:

She got very, very upset. Not about the baby in the shallow grave, mind you. But about police trying to track down the baby’s mother:

Yes, miscarriages and stillbirths do happen. But the women who experience them don’t usually secretly bury the remains in shallow graves.

Members of which media are doing stenography for cops, Andrea?


Yeah, she’s gotta be right up there.

That is indeed what she is saying.

Seriously, though. If investigating the shallow burial of a child is more disturbing to you than the fact that a child was surreptitiously buried in a shallow grave, it’s time to get help. It’s past time to get help. You should’ve gotten help years ago.

There’s also this to consider, which Andrea Grimes clearly did not think was worth considering:

Does Andrea not care about the child’s mother, either? As long as a baby’s dead, she’s cool with everything?

No one should approve Andrea Grimes’ message. Because it’s horrible.