Yesterday, Pensacola News Journal editorial cartoonist Andy Marlette made Ron DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw the subject of a sexist, misogynistic cartoon.

Here it is again:

Basic decency would dictate that even someone who disagrees with Pushaw’s politics would be capable of acknowledging the vileness of Marlette’s depiction without feeling compelled to engage in any equivocating.

That explains why Ken White, aka @Popehat, can’t do it.

Marlette’s cartoon is gratuitously sexist and that’s bad because it might make people sympathetic to Christina Pushaw. And that’s bad because Christina Pushaw is trying to get reporters murdered:

Pushaw is not, in fact, trying to have reporters murdered. She’s defending Ron DeSantis from garbage media hitjobs.

But Popehat needs to find some way to make Pushaw the bad guy in the scenario. Anything to avoid having to admit that he’s an actual bad guy.