Principles First™ conservative Heath Mayo, like other Principled Conservatives, finds himself in quite a quandary these days, what with Joe Biden — the guy they threw all their weight behind — colossally screwing up the Afghanistan withdrawal at every possible turn.

How does one polish such an enormous piece of excrement? Well, for his part, here’s how Heath Mayo’s doing it:

We don’t need two thousand or even one thousand words to describe someone like Heath Mayo. “Intellectually dishonest morally bankrupt Resistance grifter” should more than suffice.

Great company you keep, Heath.

Don’t worry, guys. Heath knows his comparison is totally stupid. OK, he sort of knows:

The Taliban and Capitol rioters are different, but they’re still basically the same for Heath Mayo et al.’s purposes, which are essentially doing whatever they can to mitigate the horrendous optics of the Biden administration’s series of terrible decisions. January 6 was an awful day. The rioters’ actions were indefensible.

And there are absolutely no parallels that should be drawn between them and the Taliban.

We took Heath’s take to be insanely offensive, which happens to be exactly what it was.

We can, however, quantify the amount of shame it took to post it: zero.