Like his fellow Bulwark bullsh*tters, Christian Vanderbrouk has really got it in for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Despite all the evidence proving otherwise, Vanderbrouk et al. are determined to paint DeSantis as some knuckledragging, science-hating Florida Man who not only doesn’t care if Floridians get sick and die of COVID19, but actively wants Floridians to get sick and die of COVID19.

Because Ron DeSantis is taking dirty, dirty Regeneron money, right, Christian?

Ron DeSantis was indeed busy defending himself and his staff from AP hit pieces and all-around media malpractice. But he also managed to find time to comment on the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Vanderbrouk might’ve caught it if he hadn’t been so busy showing off to liberal activists and being consumed and enamored with the smell of his own gaseous emissions.

To be fair, Christian is extremely online, so if it’s not on Twitter, he’s not interested.

Narrator: It was not, in fact, fair to say that.

In case Christian missed it, which of course he did:

Christian Vanderbrouk could save himself a whole lot of trouble and humiliation if he’d stop taking his own word on Ron DeSantis and take the word of people who actually pay attention to reality.

Well …

There are a lot of people worthy of respect. Christian Vanderbrouk is not one of them.

The worst, Jerry.