Actor and E Street Band member Stevie Van Zandt isn’t a doctor, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have an opinion on COVID19 just like everyone else.

Unfortunately for Van Zandt, his opinion just isn’t very good.

But don’t take our word for it … see for yourselves.

Van Zandt is very worried that if outdoor vaccine mandates don’t happen at sporting events, it’s going to be like Florida everywhere (which would be a bad thing, apparently):

Stevie really hopes it doesn’t come to having to refuse medical treatment for unvaccinated individuals.

It’s unfortunate but necessary for the federal government to step in and ration care, you guys.

You mean allowing the federal government even more control over citizens’ lives could backfire? We can’t worry about that, says Stevie. Not at a time like this:

We should’ve stopped him a while ago, but better late than never. So let’s stop him right here:

COVID is indeed not nuclear war. It’s not even close to nuclear war. In a game of Nuclear War vs. Not Nuclear War, COVID would be put into the latter column.

But Stevie Van Zandt isn’t playing games. He’s stone-cold serious:

Well that was uncalled for.

This has been a stressful year and a half for all of us, Stevie. But lighten up, dude.

And it’s not Phil.


As you should. Because it was correct.