Like so many of us, Commentary’s Noah Rothman is deeply disturbed and appalled by Joe Biden’s pathetic excuse for leadership:

Apparently Rothman’s observation really rubbed ArcDigital editor-in-chief Berny Belvedere the wrong way, because he got pretty upset about people calling out Joe Biden when there’s Donald Trump to think about.

Are all of Joe Biden’s critics calling for impeachment or the 25th Amendment? If so, we must’ve missed it.

Now imagine what it must be like to actually think that whataboutism is a good retort to Joe Biden’s critics, particularly critics like Noah Rothman who, in their intellectual consistency, were also critical of Donald Trump when criticism was warranted.

Please, Berny.

Berny’s point here was that Joe Biden doesn’t merit criticism of his presidential fitness — or lack thereof — because Orange Man Was Bad.

The White House has more than “a mold problem” right now.

Berny really needs to stop assuming that just because intellectual honesty and consistency are difficult for him doesn’t mean they’re difficult for everyone else.

Someone certainly has a high opinion of himself despite lacking the moral standing to do so.

Can Rothman not see it because Belvedere blocked him?

That’s Berny’s problem. He doesn’t know what to do with himself when people don’t fit into the boxes he’s built for them.

In Berny Belvedere’s defense, though, Trump Derangement Syndrome notwithstanding, at least he’s not completely blind to Joe Biden’s flaws.

Biden’s been utterly disastrous for decades, but we’ll take it.

Belvedere was even willing to consider Luke Thompson’s case that the Biden administration’s disarray is unprecedented.

Maybe Berny should read it again, because we’re not really sure what there is to disagree with: