Earlier this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sang Joe Biden’s praises on the Afghanistan withdrawal and stressed the importance of ensuring that the U.S., international community, and Afghan government do everything they can to protect women and girls from the Taliban.

Not sure what the U.S. can do since they’re getting the hell out of Afghanistan. The international community is writing strongly worded letters. And the Afghan government is … the Taliban.

The Taliban that is now using billions of dollars worth of U.S. military equipment to impose their will upon the people — yes, that includes women and girls — of Afghanistan. According to Pelosi, that’s just what happens in these sorts of situations:

The important thing to remember is that Joe Biden did a great job. He was strong! He was decisive!

Words mean things, Nancy.

If making sure that every decision he made was the worst one constitutes strength on Joe Biden’s part, we shudder to think what weakness would look like.

Oh well. No doubt the women and girls of Afghanistan, at least, will be relieved to know that Nancy Pelosi has faith in the Biden administration to do the correct thing.