Tucker Carlson isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And his recent comments on Afghan refugees are … not great. They’re pretty bad, actually.

That said, though, Resistance GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger seems to have a more personal beef with Carlson, and coming from a guy who enjoys representing himself as mature and above petty insults, this isn’t a great look for Kinzinger, either:

We’re a little surprised he didn’t coin a nickname for Carlson. No “Trembling Tucker,” Congressman? If you’re gonna go Trumpy with the insults, you might as well go big.

Adam Kinzinger’s disgust with Tucker Carlson might ring a little less hollow if Kinzinger weren’t so committed to making a childish ass of himself in public forums.

Who remembers this performance?

And this gem?

If Tucker Carlson needs to learn any lessons about honor and decency and maturity, he probably shouldn’t be looking to Adam Kinzinger to teach him.