The Taliban have wasted no time making sure that Sharia is once again the law of the land in Afghanistan. Critics of Sharia law contend that it’s oppressive, repressive, misogynistic, toxic, terrifying … the list goes on.

But have those same critics ever stopped throwing stones long enough to take a look at their own glass houses?

Perfect! In that case, here’s Michelle Taylor, aka Feminista Jones, a “feminist writer, public speaker, community activist, and semi-retired social worker” who’s also big into Critical Race Theory and intersectionality. She, unlike so many others, is willing to put Sharia and radical Islam into perspective:

Because obviously Christianity is just as oppressive — if not moreso — than Sharia when it comes to women and pretty much everything else.

Great take, Feminista. No wonder you restricted your replies.

People have some things to tell you, Feminista darling.