Forgive us if this nonsense from Rashida Tlaib got lost in the shuffle of yesterday’s other Afghanistan news (Lord knows there was a lot of nonsense to sort through). But it’s still plenty ridiculous today.

It started off all right:

OK, we’re with her so far. Too bad she didn’t stop there:

Oh, Rashida. You just can’t help it, can you?

Yes, but in fairness, why would Rashida Tlaib know that the Taliban didn’t exist in the 1980s? She’s not winning any World’s Smartest and Most Historically Literate Politician Awards, after all. She so often counts on the ignorance of her followers. Is it really any wonder that she’s so ignorant herself?

Well, if you’re gonna get technical about it …

Rashida Tlaib should stick to what she knows best: antisemitic bigotry. She’s definitely an expert on that.

Or, better yet: