Vaccines are a good thing. They’ve saved countless lives.

But the prospect of a COVID19 vaccine mandate appears to be having the opposite of its intended effect and making vaccine skeptics even more leery about getting their shot.

And now, with stuff like this, even people who are wholly in favor of the COVID19 vaccine want to slam on the brakes:

University of Michigan economics professor and New York Times contributor Justin Wolfers seems to think this is the way forward:

Slopes don’t get any more slippery than that one.

What Evan said.

Justin Wolfers had better be in tip-top physical and mental shape.


You sure this is the road you want to take, Justin? Because there’s still time to turn around, you know.


“Healthcare is a human right until I disagree with you.”

People like Justin Wolfers don’t even hear themselves, do they?

It’s almost as if government involvement in health care is a very, very bad idea.