Back in March 2020, “Young Turks” alumna and NBC podcaster Emma Vigeland deleted a tweet about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

Indeed, Vigeland has been pretty consistently critical of Andrew Cuomo. But the deleted tweet has been getting more attention recently in light of Cuomo’s downfall.

And that’s apparently got Vigeland to thinking:


… but who can tell these days? Especially when you consider other Emma Vigeland hot takes. Like this one:

So maybe she doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt on the Jesus-comparison thing.

This is all very weird.

(“Scam Seder” refers to Sam Seder, host of the “Majority Report” podcast that Vigeland is on.)

It sounds like she’s trolling. It can be so tough to know for sure when you’re dealing with insane people. And Emma Vigeland definitely has a few screws loose.

Hey, Jesus never deleted his tweets. Why should Emma?