New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation is a big deal. Such a big deal, in fact, that “The Daily Show” is covering it:

Get it? It touches on the sexual harassment and the dooming-elderly-New-Yorkers-to-die thing. It’s brilliant!

Or it would be, if “The Daily Show” and Trevor Noah hadn’t been safely ensconced in the comfort of Andrew Cuomo’s lower digestive tract for months.

That’s them, all right.

You really don’t, Trev.

Trevor said it after we knew that Andrew Cuomo had a body count, though to be fair, the deaths for which Cuomo was responsible were still being undercounted at that time. But we’re not giving either Trevor Noah or “The Daily Show” any slack here. Because they don’t deserve it.

Not even with Twitter’s help:

Nice to know we can always count on Twitter to whitewash libs behaving badly. Too bad the internet never forgets.