According to his Twitter bio, NBC News policy editor Benjy Sarlin “[covers] elections and their consequences.” So we suppose it’s natural that he’d also be interested in the consequences of politicians’ decisions.

Decisions like, say, violating the rules they expect the rest of us to follow.

We’re not sure if Sarlin sent out these tweets with Barack Obama’s unmasked 60th birthday bash in mind or if he was thinking of another instance — and Lord knows there are many — of a prominent political voice pulling a “do as I say, not as I do,” but let’s just say our well of sympathy is pretty dry:

Maybe the level of rage stems from the hypocrisy of our purported moral and intellectual betters.

Ah, yes. Barack Obama really looked pissed while he was busting moves without wearing a mask. Muriel Bowser looked absolutely beside herself when she was officiating that wedding without wearing a mask. Just incandescent with rage!

A lot of people’s experiences have been “marred by other people’s decisions,” but the “other people” in question are — as Mike Rowe reminded us — politicians, media, and “medical experts” whose motivations have been political as opposed to rooted in science or common sense. But the politicians in question have managed to weather this storm without too much disruption to their busy and important lives.

Forgive us, Benjy, if our hearts aren’t breaking for the political class.

And what if the normies can’t afford to have vaccine passport bouncers at the doors for their family birthday party? What if fully vaccinated mom and dad just want their kids to spend some time with the grandparents? Even if your defense for the politicians is that there are testing and vaccine hoops for guests to jump through, what makes their weddings and birthday parties so much more “”important gatherings than other people’s?

Oh, the humanity!


We’re supposed to feel bad for the politicians? Nope.

It’s actually quite simple. Put up or shut up.