Nancy Pelosi loved to preach about norms during the Trump administration, but once Joe Biden took the oath of office? Well, those norms just aren’t worth preserving anymore.

That’s why she’s got absolutely no problem whatsoever with Biden’s blatantly unconstitutional extension of the eviction moratorium.

Thing is, she does know that it’s unconstitutional, which means she also knows that she’s still got to do what she can to sell the public on it. So here’s how she’s doing it:

Yes, Nancy. Could you just imagine?

Hey, that’s just Nancy’s home turf. You can’t expect her to know what’s going on there.

Dems like Nancy Pelosi apparently want to see it everywhere.

Well, that’s just a price that Nancy Pelosi and Democrats are willing to pay.

Lucky for Nancy Pelosi, the only real dilemma she faces is which flavors of gourmet ice cream to buy.