Politico’s newsroom is looking into unionizing:

More from Axios:

Members of Politico’s newsroom are actively mounting an effort to unionize with the NewsGuild, sources tell Axios.

Why it matters: Politico’s newsroom is one of the largest newsrooms to have resisted organizing efforts in the past. A successful unionization drive would be a major win for newsroom labor groups.

In response to this story, Politico spokesperson Brad Dayspring said Politico publisher Robert Allbritton “understands that the decision to form a union is the choice of the newsroom employees who would be impacted by it, and POLITICO would respect the process and the majority decision of those employees.”

And apparently Ben Shapiro, of all people, has played a significant role in the unionization push:

Who says Ben Shapiro can’t build bridges?

And he’s damn good at it, it seems.