From a strictly physical health standpoint, children have weathered the COVID19 pandemic better than adults. But mentally and emotionally speaking, they may very well bear the scars more severely and for longer than anyone else.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand that America’s children have suffered as a result of poor policy and a notable disregard for actual science. It doesn’t take a Ph.D., either.

Good thing, too. Because some of the ostensible scholars out there are either hopelessly stupid or deliberately obtuse when it comes to our children’s mental wellbeing.

Everyone, meet University of Washington College of Education Associate Professor Ann Ishimaru, who believes that children not only didn’t suffer by being kept out of school, but that they actually flourished:

It’s genuinely, terrifyingly insane.


Plenty of children are homeschooled, and it works for them and their families. But mandatory homeschooling that doesn’t really involve education will ultimately work for no one.

Ann Ishimaru is charged with educating people who will someday be charged with educating our children. That should make everyone — conservative, liberal, and everything in between — very, very nervous.

No matter how many children get trampled underfoot.