When Pete Buttigieg accepted the position of Joe Biden’s Transportation Secretary, little did he know what he was signing up for.

No, we’re not talking about the job. We’re talking about the rent:

Oh, the humanity!

Really inspires confidence in Pete Buttigieg, doesn’t it?


According to the Washington Post’s article, Chasten Buttigieg is currently unemployed.

One-bedroom apartments in D.C. may not be super-cheap, but if you can’t find one for under $4500 a month, chances are pretty good that you’re doing something wrong.

It certainly is a LOOK. And not a good one.

You can always count on @dril to have a tweet somewhere that fits the situation.

Just like you can always count on the Washington Post to run interference for a Democrat:

Wow, the price of rent can change a lot over the weekend!

The thing is, WaPo’s “correction” actually makes Pete and Chasten Buttigieg look even worse and more out-of-touch.

Just amazing.

Whoever he’s trying to convince is a real sucker if they fall for it.

And the icing on the cake?

It certainly isn’t.

More from WaPo:

The couple sold their home in South Bend earlier this year, knowing they couldn’t keep up the old Victorian from afar. But they didn’t leave the Midwest behind entirely, purchasing a home on Lake Michigan, in Traverse City, Mich., where Chasten grew up and where his parents still live. He likes to escape there, when he can, to hang drywall with his dad and surround himself with old friends — “people who remind me of, like, me.”

Well, with a lake house to maintain and occasionally visit, no wonder the Buttigieges are struggling to stay afloat!

The moral of the story: