“Why won’t conservatives and Republicans believe in science?” asked the people who are currently advocating for National Mask Mandate and Lockdown Part Deux because of the Delta variant of COVID19, which does not appear to be any deadlier than OG COVID19. Democrats just aren’t ready to relinquish their stranglehold on Americans who are just trying to live their lives. They don’t want their power trip to end.

As it turns out, the greatest threat to their power trip is … science. As in actual science.

Like the actual science in this thread from Ben Shapiro:

And speaking of the UK, recall that UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance had to clarify a statistic on UK COVID19 hospitalizations that Party of Science members had been freaking out about.

But we digress. More from Shapiro:

We couldn’t’ve said it better ourselves. Because the Democrats’ ultimate goal is to keep Americans under their thumbs, they’re never going to stop shifting those goalposts. It’s up to us to say “enough already.”

Shapiro does have a point. And if people choose to miss it, that’s on them.

Clearly guys like Peter Daou are counting on willful ignorance to be contagious, because he’s purposely missing Shapiro’s point, which is that the COVID19 vaccine has dramatically reduced the frequency and fatality of COVID19, exactly as it was meant to, and that the people insisting we continue to put our lives on hold are setting unrealistic and decidedly anti-scientific goals.