Jen Psaki revealed today that there have actually been more breakthrough COVID19 cases than the White House has told us about in the wake of Texas Dems’ little stunt, but the Biden administration is not yet prepared to characterize said stunt as a superspreader event.

Evidently COVID19 isn’t the only affliction that’s spreading in D.C. Blindness and deafness are, too.

Take the Washington Post, for example. Here’s what they tweeted about the Texas Democrats a couple of days ago:

Stephen L. Miller can’t help but notice that WaPo hasn’t had much to say on them since then:

Quick note:

It’s so hard to keep up!

Technically, this WaPo tweet from yesterday was also related to the Texas Dems:

But Miller’s point still stands. Because the Democracy Dies in Darkness crew is clearly willing to pull the wool over their own eyes when Democrats’ reputations are on the line.


We’re in the midst of an epidemic of shamelessly biased, crappy journalism.

We’re not nearly as blind as they want us to be.