We never really expected to like Jen Psaki as White House press secretary, but she seems determined to make us actively loathe her.

At today’s press briefing, she sneered at Americans who aren’t impressed with having an extra $0.16 to spend on their barbecues this Fourth of July.

But she was only just getting started, because when you believe as strongly as Jen Psaki does that we’re all stupid, you just can’t help but go full-steam ahead:


Who are we going to believe? Jen Psaki, or our own lying ears?

Did we mention that Jen Psaki thinks we’re all stupid?

This is some world-class gaslighting from Jen Psaki. Too bad that’s not an Olympic sport.

The media have been overwhelmingly soft on the Biden administration. What’s it going to take for them to care about being lied to directly to their faces? Does Donald Trump need to come back?

There’s not a doubt in our minds.

Fake but accurate AF.