We regret having overlooked this very important article from The Hill when they published it yesterday:

More from The Hill:

Gun-related deaths have surged in Iowa just ahead of the implementation of a new gun law that will loosen restrictions on firearm use in the state.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) signed a bill into law in April that will allow Iowans to purchase and carry handguns without a permit. That law will go into effect Thursday.

According to The Associated Press, gun-related deaths in Iowa have reached record numbers in 2020 with 353 residents dying from gunshot wounds. Of those shooting deaths, 263 were suicides and 85 were homicides, an Iowa Department of Public Health spokeswoman told the AP on Tuesday.

Missing from The Hill’s article, however, is any explanation for how a not-yet-implemented gun law is fueling gun deaths.

And most of those deaths were suicides, which we feel is pretty relevant here.

There must’ve been a lot of Iowans in 2020 who wanted to get a head start on the new law.


That’s not how this works, The Hill. That’s not how any of this works.

Then again, you guys are Real Journalists™, so you have a very special way of doing things.

Peak journalisming is also accidentally undermining your agenda: