If you’re unfamiliar with the “Journalists Posting Their Ls” account, we regret to inform you that you may never get a chance to peruse their hilarious collection of, well, journalists posting their Ls.

And you’ve got National Journal Senate campaigns reporter Madelaine Pisani to thank for that:

Guess Madelaine had reconsider her “W,” because as you can see, she’s deleted her original tweet. But we couldn’t let that kind of brilliance just get flushed down the memory hole:

To be fair, Pisani claimed in another tweet that she deleted her tweet because someone threatened her. She’s deleted that tweet as well.

If someone really did threaten her over her dumb, shame on them. But if that’s why she deleted her original tweet, it stands to reason that Pisani stands behind her decision to take getting @JournosPostLs suspended “as a W.” Which is quite pathetic, really.

We’ll take that as a W.