Last week, Joint Chiefs Chair General Mark Milley explained why it’s so vital that our military be educated in Critical Race Theory and understand “white rage.”

Call us crazy, but we feel like our military has better — not to mention more important — things to do than self-flagellate in the name of wokeness and anti-racism.

But let the record show that Washington Post columnist and founding director of the Race Card Project Michele Norris disagrees:

Nothing is wrong with confronting racism in the military’s past. Literally nothing is wrong with that. But “Race Card” players like Michele Norris want more than just acknowledgment of the past; they want atonement from people who had absolutely nothing to do with racist policies. Norris wants the military to take the lead on mainstreaming Critical Race Theory.

Sticking to the facts is fine. But hiding behind them in order to justify the promotion of Critical Race Theory is not.



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