Late last week, CNN host Chris Cuomo did his show from Surfside, Florida, where a building collapse resulted in multiple deaths as well as many more injuries:

This tweeter complimented Cuomo on his coverage:

Fredo, humble man that he is, apparently has a difficult time taking a compliment:


Don’t worry … Chris Cuomo is definitely taking care of himself, as you’ll soon see.

Yes, pointing out that Chris Cuomo can’t stop stroking his, um, ego is petty BS, unlike tweeting a photo of his own flexed bicep, which is not definitely petty at all.


We have so many questions, but we’re not sure we actually want the answers to any of them.

Narrator: Fredo did not earn our respect. What we can give him, though, is our most heartfelt derision and mockery.

What other conclusion should we draw, Chris?

Quick exit question: