It should go without saying that liberals are quite pissed about the Senate GOP’s successful filibuster of the For the People Act. But some of them are taking their outrage a little too far.

People like Mark Thompson, who had this to contribute to the conversation on MSNBC last night:

Thompson is also known for being a panelist on “The Young Turks,” so you’d expect him to have lots of scorching-hot political takes. But geez. Apartheid? Come on, man.

That’s essentially what Democrats’ and the Left’s argument boils down to.

No, that was different. Because Democrats got what they wanted.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting to watch host Ari Melber just sit there and accept Thompson’s insanity without question. While Sheldon Whitehouse is taking up most of the screen, no less.

Optics, MSNBC. Try them sometime.