So, we’re still doing this. And by “this,” we mean trying to drag Lin-Manuel Miranda through a field of glass shards for the sin of “In the Heights” not being Latinx (gotta use the woke term) enough.

Last week, multiple media outlets reported that Miranda was under fire for failing to have enough Afro-Latino representation in his film, which ultimately resulted in an unnecessary and frankly unwarranted apology from Miranda. Actress Rita Moreno, who had defended Miranda, ultimately apologized for that.

And yesterday, the Washington Post published this opinion piece by Julissa Contreras and Dash Harris Machado:

When you read a headline like that, you know you’re in for a treat.

And it’s our pleasure to tell you that Contreras and Machado did not disappoint.

See? We told you it was good!

Cooke’s not exaggerating, just FYI.


Here’s that last paragraph, in case you’re interested:

We afrodescendants have always forged our own paths that respond and correspond to our needs. Organizations such as Mujeres Negras RDAfroResistanceBarrio AlanteProyecto [email protected]Bx (Re)Birth and ProgressRadio Caña NegraAfroLatino all center AfroLatinos on our terms and without the shallow fanfare. Divesting from the system that synchronously extracts our talents and creations and demands our silence and absence becomes ever more imperative. Latinidad and all of its oppressive, disingenuous trappings is nearing its final curtain call.

*Chef’s kiss*


What a perfect way to describe it.

White people are supposed to hate themselves. And white Latinxs are supposed to be ashamed of their whiteness.

Or something. All you really need to know is that Latinxs who are too white are highly problematic.

YES. Thank you. It’s ridiculous.

Nobody does. Because it’s not a thing.

And wokeness isn’t progress.