Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse belongs to a lily-white private beach club. If he were a Republican, you can bet outlets like the Washington Post would be covering the story nonstop for at least a week, breathless with self-righteous indignation.

But he’s a Democrat, so WaPo has to find another target for their outrage. That’s where someone like GOP Sen. Tim Scott comes in. As Drew Holden recently pointed out, WaPo seems to have a much bigger problem with Tim Scott not indulging or abetting racism than they do with Sheldon Whitehouse indulging or abetting racism:

Because if WaPo invests time into digging up the dirt on Sheldon Whitehous, they’re effectively admitting that he may have actually done something bad. And the real meat of the Whitehouse saga can’t be his membership in an all-white club. It has to be the conservatives forcing Whitehouse to defend himself.

You can practically set your watch by it. Just like you can set your watch by the Washington Post downplaying or ignoring Democratic racism while treating conservative Republican Tim Scott like a tool of an irredeemably racist GOP.

The Washington Post refuses to go beyond “questions about whether [Whitehouse’s beach club] is all-White” and focuses on Whitehouse defending himself. But Tim Scott is a racial pot stirrer for pointing out that liberals practice discrimination, which Whitehouse has apparently personally demonstrated is true.

Just amazing.