We’ve been saying for a quite a while now that the Washington Post traffics almost exclusively in hot garbage. Actually, a lot of people have been saying that for quite a while.

The Washington Post knows this, and yet, instead of trying to fix our perceptions of them, they seem more hellbent than ever on proving their critics exactly right.

Case in point:

We believe in the value of introspection. And we certainly encourage people to do it. But this? This is not introspection. This is just gross:

It’s bad enough that we have to deal with “anti-racist” activists pushing this crap. But for media to be pushing it … that’s even more egregious, in a way. Because the press is supposed to be about informing the public, not actively trying to inflame the public.


It’s not as if they are; they absolutely are.

And @AGHamilton’s take on what WaPo and other media outlets are doing is exactly right:

Media defending this “anti-racist” BS, if not outright promoting it, are effectively working to Make Racism Great Again.