The Biden family is basically just one giant rabbit hole. You start looking into it, and you might find some pretty interesting things.

Like this, for example:

Oh really?

So Joe Biden’s DOJ nominee just so happened to work for same law firm as Hunter Biden, the same law firm to which Hunter Biden referred Burisma. Small world!

More from the Washington Free Beacon:

The link could pose a potential conflict of interest as the Justice Department is investigating Hunter Biden over his tax affairs and foreign business dealings. Federal prosecutors are also reportedly investigating whether a Democratic consulting firm that worked closely with Biden illegally lobbied for Burisma. While Dellinger would likely not oversee the criminal investigations if confirmed as chief of the Office of Legal Policy, previous leaders of the policy office have moved on to other jobs at the agency that perform criminal oversight.

Dellinger, who served as deputy attorney general for North Carolina in the 2000s, is the second prominent Biden Justice Department nominee with ties to Hunter Biden. Nicholas McQuaid, who was picked to temporarily lead the Justice Department’s criminal division, worked closely with one of Biden’s criminal defense lawyers, Chris Clark. McQuaid has since recused himself from taking part in any Hunter Biden-related matters.

It is unclear whether Dellinger did any work on the Burisma account, but an archive of the Boies Schiller Flexner website shows him listed as an attorney with the 12-person Crisis Management and Government Response team as of June 2014. Dellinger left Boies Schiller Flexner last year to form his own private practice.

Dellinger did not respond to a list of questions about Hunter Biden and his work at Boies Schiller Flexner.

The optics here are … not great.

It’s entirely possible that Hampton Dellinger isn’t shady, but it’s awfully difficult — damn near impossible, even — to wash off the corrupt stench of Hunter Biden.