Last week, a reporter straight-up asked Nancy Pelosi if she believes that an unborn baby at 15 weeks gestation is a human being. Dodging ensued:

It’s bad enough when the House Speaker can’t just come right out and tell Americans the obvious truth. But when the spokeswoman for the President of the United States can’t even look us straight in the eye and confirm what we all know to be true, that’s a whole ‘nother level of deception.


Nice dodge, Jen. Answering a question that wasn’t asked while ignoring the question that was really shows you’re committed to transparency.

They think we’re stupid.

If they’re so proud of being pro-choice, why not just come right out and say it? Are they worried about something?

She didn’t answer a damn thing.

Something tells us she doesn’t want to circle back to these kinds of questions.

Joe Biden’s brain may be getting smoother, but even he knows that unborn babies are people. And Jen Psaki knows he knows. Which is why she’s so shamelessly trying not to address it head-on.

But media keep standing for it. And as long as they stand for it, it’s not going to stop.