It’s hard not to feel kinda sorry for Rob Reiner. The guy has basically spent the last five years consumed completely by Donald Trump. That would take a toll on anyone.

But it’s especially taken a toll on Rob Reiner, who, despite the fact that Donald Trump has been out of office for almost five months, can’t seem to move on with his life.

So he’s reduced himself to a guy who says things like this:

Donald Trump didn’t take away our voting rights, so not sure what indicting him will do to “restore” them. As far as our Democracy goes, it seems to be ticking along pretty well, as Joe Biden and the Democratic majority are pretty much screwing over the less powerful (which Rand Paul recently reiterated is something that happens in a democracy) without repercussions.

So basically, Rob Reiner is at best misinformed, and at worst a complete moron.

We’re all getting too old for this sh*t.