Recently on “The View,” Ana Navarro told her cohosts that it’s ackshually a good thing that CNN brought back exhibitionist Zoom masturbator Jeffrey Toobin, because “he was sexually harassing himself, maybe.”

Navarro argued that it’s not really a big deal, because it’s not like Toobin was trying to do anything to his CNN colleagues (just his New Yorker colleagues, which is apparently different for some reason). He never meant to sexually harass anyone when he pleasured himself on camera. Getting caught is his only real sin.

If you get the feeling that Ana Navarro is going to bat for Toobin because he works for the same employer she does, and willing to compromise her professed values, then you’re exactly right.

Drew Holden gets that feeling, too:

“Zero tolerance” became “some tolerance.”

Not unexpected from Ana Navarro, but utterly pathetic nonetheless.