One would think that hospitals’ chief concern would be the welfare of their patients, including and perhaps especially children. One would think that Child Protective Services would be about protecting children.

And you’d evidently be wrong, at least in Washington State:

That’s not an exaggeration.

Abigail Shrier has written a genuinely terrifying article about what happened when a father checked his suicidal, autistic 16-year-old son into Seattle Children’s Hospital.

It’s an infuriating and incredibly disturbing read. And Ahmed’s story is just one of many.

This response from a self-described “child and adult psychiatrist” should serve as a pretty good indication that Shrier is right to be concerned about children being manipulated by adult “caregivers” with an agenda:

What the hell.

It’s extremely important that parents make sure that they’re fully aware of what’s happening in their kids’ treatment.

It already is:

In the War on Wokeness, parents are lucky to have someone like Abigail Shrier in their corner.