The Biden administration just can’t do anything right lately. Even AOC can’t help but be disappointed.

If only it were just the illegal immigration issue that had AOC all riled up. Alas, she’s pretty much had it with everything the Biden administration and Senate Democrats have been doing since taking back control of the Executive and Legislative Branches:

Senate Republicans are literally dismantling people’s voting rights and setting the planet on fire and letting corporations and wealthy people get away with not paying their taxes. How can this be happening while the Democrats are in power?

It’s actually not happening.

But we’re immensely enjoying watching AOC attack the Democratic Party from the Left. Liberal infighting is never not entertaining.

You love to see it.

Exit question for AOC:

Maybe AOC should take a step back and ask herself if her time would be better spent tending to her sick abuela instead of ranting and raving on Twitter.