How are things in the anti-facist utopia of Portland, Oregon?

Let’s check in and see:

More from Willamette Weekly:

Riot police arrived at the hotel shortly before midnight on May 28 and formed a perimeter at the intersection of Southwest Morrison Street and 6th Avenue for the next 30 minutes.

Sources familiar with the Nuggets’ travel arrangements say the NBA team stayed at The Nines during its two-game road trip to Portland for the playoff series with the Trail Blazers. The Nuggets arrived in Portland on May 26 and left May 29.

That means the team was inside the hotel when the crowd pursued the man they believed to be Ngo to the concierge desk of the hotel, then pulled on the doors and confronted Nines staff in a chaotic scene. Protesters had previously tackled and punched the man, who fled to the hotel for safety.

Just a normal evening in Portland, then.

It’s only fair.

They are! They’re just framing Antifa as “activists” and Andy Ngo as a “conservative author.” Helps to make the violence go down easier.