Yesterday, David Axelrod was incredibly moved by the conversation Dana Bash and Wolf Blitzer had about GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s recent comments comparing mask mandates and proof-of-vaccine documentation to the Holocaust:

That’s very moving and all, but forgive us if we’re not actually as moved as David is. See, as Ben Shapiro points out, lamenting Holocaust comparisons only seems to be a thing that liberals like Dana Bash and Wolf Blitzer do when someone on the Right is making such comparisons.

Correct. As abhorrent and cringe-inducing and insane as Marjorie Taylor Greene’s remarks have been, terrible Holocaust comparisons don’t exactly pose a viable threat to Jews in this country and around the world. The Squad’s antisemitism, by contrast, directly fuels violence against Jews. And Axelrod, Bash, Blitzer, et al. won’t have any moving conversations about that.



Speaking of Holocaust comparisons, here’s a flashback thread of Dems and the media comparing the Trump administration to Nazi Germany