“The View” is all about the hot topics, so naturally they addressed CNN host Chris Cuomo’s quarter-assed apology for putting his colleagues “in a bad spot.”

And, naturally, the cohosts — with the exceptions of Meghan McCain — made attempts to defend Chris Cuomo’s honor:

Cohost Ana Navarro is also, as she reminds viewers, “a CNNer,” and you’d think she’d be pretty pissed at Chris Cuomo for putting CNN’s reputation in further jeopardy. But she’s not. In fact, she’s proud to be one of his colleagues because she knows that he’s a good and decent guy (starts around the 1:32 mark):

If things weren’t as stupid as they are, we might actually be shocked that Ana Navarro would go to bat for a scumbag like Chris Cuomo. But things are indeed quite stupid, and, as Janice Dean points out, things have been stupid with Ana Navarro for quite some time.

Let’s rewind one year, shall we? Here’s what Ana Navarro had to say about Chris Cuomo’s primetime fluffing of his brother on May 21, 2020:

One year later, Navarro still seems fine with her colleague’s behavior, even now that she knows how Chris Cuomo got involved in Andrew Cuomo’s sexual misconduct scandal.

But Janice Dean isn’t willing to let Navarro off the hook for aiding and abetting Chris Cuomo’s aiding and abetting of Andrew Cuomo:


That is literally what this lady, Ana Navarro, did on “The View” today. Because this lady, Ana Navarro, is not a good lady.