Daily Caller senior congressional correspondent Henry Rodgers recently tweeted out a photo of Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney in a compromising position on the Acela:

Tsk, tsk, Rep. Maloney. What a poor example you’re setting!

With the chin-diaper thing, of course. But you’re also setting a very poor example with this:

Guess not. Dang, Congresswoman!

Classy move by a classy lady.

In the interest of fairness, we feel that it’s necessary to point out that Rep. Maloney tweeted this shortly after Rodgers pointed out the “like”:

Well, good for her for unliking it, we guess. Though we can’t help but wonder: if neither her nor her staff — who are presumably the only people who have access to her Twitter account — proactively or intentionally liked the tweet, then who liked it?

We need Joy Reid to weigh in on this.